Residency Unlimited



Miatta Kawinzi (April – June 2023)

This residency was truly transformative. It allowed me to focus on my research and creative project in a sustained way, with the support and momentum of ongoing dialogue and feedback from my residency cohort, the guest curator, and the studio visitors, all of whom offered incredible jewels of insight that I will continue to reflect on and carry forward as my project grows. I offer my deepest gratitude to the Residency Unlimited team for holding, coordinating, and supporting this space for me to grow as an artist and person and connect outwards in beautifully enriching ways. Thank you!

Maureen Catbagan (April – June 2023)

I would highly recommend RU’s New York Based Artist Residency as it truly enabled us to connect with international and local artists as well as curators in a deep and meaningful way. The frequent studio visits and salon sessions provided the critical feedback that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The artistic and curatorial connections that we formed will last well beyond the term of the residency. RU’s robust Alumni network continues to provide and sustain access to resources and possible collaborations. Most importantly, RU’s administrative staff is one of the most supportive and organized teams I have had the privilege to work with. I am truly grateful for the experience.

Tatiana Arocha (April – June 2023)

It was clear that RU put so much thought and energy into pairing the right curators with the artists. The weekly meetings with different curators made a real impact on my work and process and I loved having a consistent exchange of ideas. RU created a very supportive environment for the artists to quickly build camaraderie and community during the residency. I got the chance to get to know my cohort well and the bi-weekly meetings welcomed exchange and allowed each artist to share about their practice so that we all got to learn from each other.

Agrina Vllasaliu (May – June 2023)

Meeting wonderful artists with different interests offered intense discussion about art and exhibitions. There were intense friendship bondings that occurred during the residency.

Tamás Páll (April – May 2023)

Thanks for all the hard work dear RU staff, interns and employees

Courtney Askey (March – May 2023)

My experience at RU was very positive. RU facilitated a great New York experience. I felt a part of a community of likeminded and inspiring artists, curators, and professionals and this made the experience even more rewarding. The opportunity to present my work on Governors Island as a solo show was really beneficial to my practice and to my portfolio. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with RU and I hope I get to work with them again.

Alma Gačanin (April – May 2023)

You guys are doing an awesome job, I had a wonderful time. Hope our paths will cross again in the future. Kisses and hugs to all!

Veronika Molnar (May 2023)

As a resident curator at RU in May 2023, I was able to pursue so many professional opportunities. I had the full support of the RU team to organize the group exhibition Familiar Fantoms, at the RU House on Governors Island. I also conducted many studio visits and am currently planning future collaborations with several talented artists whom I met through RU. Not only I gained valuable professional connections, but also became part of a community and made a number of great friendships. Kudos to Nathalie and the entire RU team for their support and care in helping me make the most of my residency.

Glorija Lizde (April – May 2023)

Just a huge thank you to all RU team, you are such beautiful and nice people who work very hard to ensure all of us are taken care of. You made me feel really welcome and I hope to see you soon.

Graciela Cassel (February – July 2016)

It is with profound appreciation to Nathalie Angles and her team, after seven years of attending RU Residency, that I write another thank you note. This residency has changed my approach to the art world. It has helped me to trust my process and how to present it. The intensity and the frequency of the feedback I received at RU impacted my state of mind. It fostered a tremendous, positive evolution in me that in turn allowed me to open my horizons. I want to express, once again, my immense gratitude.

Sini Rinne-Kanto (February – March 2023)

Connections and introductions provided by RU were very useful regarding the upcoming exhibition program with Tom of Finland Foundation, especially with potential partners and artists. I made many new connections with great artists, possibly leading to new collaborations.

Žarko Aleksić (January – February 2023)

Through RU, I was given the opportunity to meet many people from the art scene, including from important institutions. Honestly I am very grateful for everything that happened and the privilege to participate in the RU residency. Thank you!

Lori Lako (June – July 2022)

RU offers great opportunities ranging from assistance for the obtention of the visa, to organizing meetings and field trips which allowed me to navigate through New York’s gigantic art scene. Thanks to the dedicated director and team I developed a site specific project as a one day solo show and artist talk at the RU space. I am very grateful for this possibility and I wished the two months lasted longer.

Lisa Strassberg (September – November 2022)

You changed my life through your encouragement and focus. I was so inspired by your kindness and fresh ideas! It was such a treat to be under your wing. Thank you so much.

Shirin Gunny (September – November 2022)

RU provided me with invaluable help and support during my virtual residency. I am incredibly grateful for insisting that I go through the process to qualify for the virtual residency program. Indeed, it was a very interesting experience and it felt good to be part of a community of artists and curators for the first time in my life.

André Ricardo (October – November 2022)

I most enjoyed the events with my fellow artists residents, sharing our practices, visiting exhibitions and exploring the city together. The time with the other residents was so precious, allowing me to be engaged in new friendships and collaborations.

Eduardo Lozano (August – October 2022)

I am very grateful to have worked at RU and how well I was treated at all times. The people who work in the residence form an extraordinary team, thank you very much!

Anna Zilahi (September – November 2022)

During my residency, I had the chance to get to know amazing artists and curators. I enjoyed the RU community to a great extent and spent an immensely formative period in NYC. I left with many inspiring professional connections and a vast amount of new ideas.

Monika Drożyńska (October – November 2022)

RU is an amazing organization. I hope my residency is just the beginning of future collaborations. I recommend RU to start an international career and develop your art practice.

Luísa Jacinto (September – November 2022)

Had a great time at RU. Met artists I deeply admire and I’ve made friends and connections for life – thank you!

Fatlum Doçi (May – July, September – October 2022)

Many meetings organized for me may lead to future collaborations. This residency was one of the greatest opportunities I have ever been offered. It was so helpful for my artistic journey.

Julie Stavad (September – December 2022)

I enjoyed the most meeting the fantastic fellow residents. I’ve created new excellent relations and have had the most inspiring dialogues with these people!

Maija Rudovska (October 2022)

I will gladly share with you my experience that I had with RU, which was amazing. I was in NYC for a short time, only 2.5 weeks, but I was able to arrange many meetings and develop my project during that short visit.

Hamza Kırbaş (July – September 2022)

During the RU residency, I had meetings with more than 15 curators and gallery owners. In these meetings, I explained my own process and works. I had good conversations with all the people I met, all of which were very valuable to me.