Residency Unlimited



Talita Zaragoza (October – November 2023)

I mainly started my studio practice again, after maternity leave. I was able find more inspiration and insights after the portfolio reviews and the exchanges with the curators I met with. Also, thanks to RU, I started a new project with a material I never worked before, fabrics, after visiting Materials for the Arts. This is a new ongoing project.

José Manuel Mesías (October – November 2023)

The program is quite intense and focused on each resident. Congrats on that! It has been a rewarding experience.

Gema Rupérez (September – November 2023)

RU is a wonderful network to generate contacts within the artistic ecosystem. I hope to be able to maintain them and that in the near future projects and collaborations will emerge.

Martina Bábinová (October – November 2023)

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. This experience has really influenced both my pstzrsonal and professional life, empowering me to be more courageous and to trust in myself as a curator. I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing support and care from the whole team. Dear Nathalie, Luciana, LuLu, Mariko, and interns Victoria and Romane – you made an awesome team, and I’ve learned so much from each of you.

Duffy Du (June – August 2023)

It was a perfect residency experience and made my summer!

Raphaël-Bachir Osman (February – July 2023)

This experience has made me stronger as an artist and I would like to thank RU for this, and for what they put together for us. I will carry the memories and inspirations from this residency throughout my career. Thank you all for being a part of this incredible chapter in my life.

Eglė Ambrasaitė (October – November 2023)

My time in RU exceeded my expectations! I grew both as a person and as a contemporary art professional and curator. The RU team, and especially, RU director, Nathalie Anglès, has provided me with support, networking opportunities and access to other organizations, which very much helped me to form meaningful connections with other curators, artists, and gallerists, and to find partner cultural institutions for my current and future artistic projects.

Milica Janković (September – October 2023)

RU team is working hard to provide its participants the amazing opportunity to live and present to the NY art scene, and I am happy that I could be part of it. I would like to thank them all for the dedication and hard work they’re putting in.

Dina Shenhav (September – October 2023)

I want to thank all the RU staff. My stay was very meaningful, I learned a lot, fostered new connections and started to develop a new project which will hopefully bring me back to New York soon.

Sead Kazanxhiu (August – September 2023)

Residency Unlimited is the residency of Connections…All my meetings were valuable through the discussions, different experiences and perspectives. Not only did I learn from them but they helped me develop my work and present it in a better way.

Amira Ziyan (July – August 2023)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to participate in the residency. It was a very exciting and wonderful experience, I’m very moved by it, and pleased to gain lots of inspiration from it. I had a fruitful time in participating in all your events. You were very generous and sweet by helping us with everything, you truly made me feel like I was at home. Through this amazing journey I met a lot of talented curators and artists. I also got to know other cultures and art. At the beginning I thought to myself that it will be hard to adapt the new culture there, but thanks to you I felt like I have been living there for several years.

Paola Fernanda Guzmán Figueroa (July – August 2023)

Thank you Residency Unlimited for such an amazing program, this experience has marked my life professionally and personally. I made friends for life and met very fruitful connections for my artistic career. The staff are beautiful, smart and warm people. They were always very open to hearing about my ideas and opinions regarding my exhibition and performance plans.

Melissa Bianca Amore (Guest Visitor & 2023 YVAA program US Juror)

The program and guidance offered at RU, which provides connections to an expansive network of curators, critics and industry professionals, is unparalleled to many other residency programs in the US. Nathalie directs the program with such authenticity, intellect and continual dedication that many artists establish long-lasting relationships within the community during and following the RU program…we continue to see many RU artists curated into international exhibitions following the exposure and introductions from the program.

Alexis Mendoza (Guest Curator, July – August 2023)

Since the day I walked through the doors of RU a few years ago I have not stop learning and I became a better artist, a better curator. As a guest curator I had the opportunity to examine the works and careers of most incredible artist. I was presented with the challenge of curating an exhibition with four artists I’d never meet before and didn’t know anything about them. “An instinct to change things” was one of the most rewarding and learning experience I had ever been exposed to in my career as a curator. Aurelija Bulaukaite, Paola Fernanda Guzmán Figueroa, Sead Kazanxhiu and Amira Ziyan were simply magnificent. The RU team with their unbelievable energy and positive thinking turned the project into a real success. Lulu, Senthil, Tania, Mariko I thank you!!

Yifat Bezalel (May – June 2023)

I recommend the RU residency experience to mature and young artists. RU provides a framework with both a structured framework, and extensive freedom of action where an artist can learn about independence in a foreign space in the most absolute way. The RU team, from the director to the interns are exceptionally cordial. As a resident I always found an answer to my professional and personal needs. RU is managed with wisdom, great sensitivity and interest in the artist During my stay I worked on my project Duty of the Hearts, and indeed, I felt within the program that everyone’s heart was happily obligated to each other.

Tomoko Hisamatsu (March – May 2023)

RU’s team, program, network, and are incredible. They enabled my residency to be fruitful, for example, networking with art professionals internationally, conducting my project ’Paint for Me!’, exhibiting my works at the group show ”Urban Ecology,” etc. I want to thank them for their flexible assistance!

Elisa Bertaglia (February – July 2023)

RU residency was crucial for my career, I am grateful and very happy to have being part of this team! I will keep on being part of RU in the future, following all the shows and events. RU net is amazing and it’s a wonderful family!

Hayley Ferber (Guest Curator, February – April 2023)

I am grateful for my time as a Guest Curator at RU. During this three month period I was introduced to dozens of artists, invited to countless tours of cultural institutions and given an incredible opportunity to curate an exhibition at a stunning gallery. RU gave me invaluable support and access to grow my network of artists and arts professionals in NYC as well as internationally. As an alumni of their organization RU continues to provide resources and the chance to share my work with their talented residents.

Jingwei Qiu (June – August 2023)

As I conclude this residency project, I want to express my gratitude to the RU team. Their professionalism and reliability have left a profound impression on me. Throughout the entire artistic residency, I have received their utmost support. Special thanks to Nathalie and Lulu for providing me with invaluable insights, which are crucial for artists who have just arrived in New York seeking to expand their artistic careers. Finally, I want to thank the friends I’ve made at RU for making this fascinating experience enjoyable and memorable during these busy yet delightful times.

Svetlana Racanović (July 2023)

I am enormously thankful for selecting me for the program…I enjoyed every second of it and great people I met through the program.

Gabriele Grones (February – July 2023)

RU has been an amazing experience and I loved it! You all have been so incredibly nice and helpful. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the residency.

Pavle Banović (June – July 2023)

I definitely made a lot of connections, for now a collaboration with Kino Club in Helsinki and much more to come with resident curators I met at RU. The time I spent in the residency is something I will treasure!

Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow (April – June 2023)

RU offered a game-changing experience for my career. I appreciate the salons with our curator, Rachel Gugelberger and NYC cohort. It was wonderful seeing how we grew from the beginning of the residency to the end. Having the international residency cohort allowed me to connect with artists I wouldn’t have met otherwise and to gain more perspectives by seeing their works and presentations. I wished it was longer than just three months.

José Taborda (April – June 2023)

Residency Unlimited was a wonderful place to develop my project. The dedication and kindness of the team is truly formidable.