Residency Unlimited

Nathalie Anglès – Executive Director

LuLu Meng – Operations Director

Marco Michel — Executive Assistant and Residency Coordinator

Luciana Solano – Artistic Director

Mariko Takashima – Communications Manager & Arts Administrator

Ayelet Danielle Aldouby – Voices of Multiplicity Program

Hayley Ferber

Rachel Gugelberger

Lilia Kudelia – Young Visual Artists Awards Program

Ru Marshall

Alexis Mendoza

Emireth Herrera Valdés

Bartek Remisko

Marie Escarguel

Tom Lescure

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Residency Unlimited (RU) welcomes local and international internship applications on an ongoing basis.

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Maia Sauer

I am deeply grateful for my internship experience with Residency Unlimited! Assisting RU's close-knit team with the logistics of their international residency program, I learned about the day-to-day operations of a high-level art organization, from planning stages to execution. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of my time was the vibrant community of arts professionals I was surrounded by on a daily basis. Witnessing firsthand RU's unique personal network-based program empowered me to seek future experiences in the creative world that similarly prioritize mutual respect and support.

Mario Maronati

Throughout my four-month internship, I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the vibrant cultural environment of New York City. The quality of connections provided by the residency is unparalleled and allows every participant to build rewarding professional and personal networks. The small size of the organization perfectly fits any intern who is committed to learning fast and dealing with different challenging projects simultaneously. I am immensely grateful to the entire RU team.

Camille Reich

This internship at RU enriched me in many aspects . It confronted me with the reality of the professional art world challenging me to become more organized and rigorous in my work. Programing structure at RU encouraged me to systematically think and plan ahead of time. Through RU public programs and network support I had an opportunity to meet with many art professionals. Thanks to many different artists that I worked with, I had the chance to discover range of practices and focuses which gave me me a valuable insight in what Contemporary Art can be.

Maud Barranger

Being part of the RU community during my internship was  to be surrounded by people sincerely  deeply interested and committed to art.

Angela An 

My three-month internship at RU was for me an extremely precious experience. As being the assistant of Program Director, the job offered me the chance to learn more about NPO's and residency programs. The most valuable aspect  was the opportunity to work together with the nicest people from all over the world. The highlights of my internship included helping organize RU's Annual Benefit, the monthly field trips and arts events. By being actively involved , I gained professional experience and learned a lot rom a human perspective. I  highly recommend an internship at RU to all those students willing to have a vibrant and multi-cultural working experience.

Laura Sears 

Interning at RU was an invaluable experience. I was afforded the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the RU team on important projects including grant applications, project reporting and curatorial research, which allowed me to develop skills that I have subsequently applied to my coursework as an Arts Administration student at Columbia, and my internships at other organizations. During my time at RU, I felt like an integral part of the team, and directly connected to providing the innovative and crucial support to the incredible artists involved in RU’s residency programs.

Giorgia Gandolfini 

I am extremely thankful for the personal and professional growth that I experienced while working at Residency Unlimited. As a graduate student (Carnegie Mellon University), it is very rewarding to have the chance to dialogue with top level art professionals on a daily basis and mostly be listened as their peer. Not to mention, RU's unique model based on providing a customized professional networking service for their residents gave me the opportunity to immerge thoroughly in the international contemporary art scene. Once again, thank you RU!