Residency Unlimited


Activities related to RU Residency Program

RU Workshop: Josef Albers’ “Interaction of Color” led by Fritz Horstman

Arts Program Events in Downtown New Rochelle Throughout Summer

The first roundtable discussion around “The Louisville Table”

Launch of “The Louisville table” – PHOTOS

Dominique Paul – Northside Town Hall Benefit

Launch of “The Louisville Table”

Project 6: Who’s Louisville? – Man Bartlett Artist Talk

Man Bartlett & IDEAS 40203 – Project 6: Who’s Louisville? at Zephyr Gallery

Man Bartlett Engages Thrive365

Presentation of Jakub Szczesny at GE’s First Build – PHOTOS

Jakub Szczesny & GE FirstBuild

An Intro to XlerateART

Erin Dunn at I.S. 187

Responding Through Art Blog

Pedro Motta and PAISAGEM SUSPENSA – 2010/2012

Zachary Fabri @ Jardim Canadá Center of Art and Technology JA.C.A Residency